$500K Guaranteed Party PokerIf you have spent any reasonable amount of time playing online games and checking out online poker sites, you will know that Sunday is the day of the week when the big poker tournaments are rolled out. Hopefully this is a day of week you can find some time to kick back, relax and focus all of your attention and energy on poker. The Party Poker site, by the makers of Party Casino, is just one of the many poker sites that serve up a special selection on a Sunday and the standard $200,000 guaranteed is something that is well worth looking out for and aiming for.

Of course, on Sunday the 11th of May 2014, there is something extra special on offer. The site, in all its wisdom and power, has decided that this is an extra special Sunday and there is going to be a guaranteed prize of $500,000 up for grabs. This is more than double the usual takings for a Sunday event. If you don’t usually bother with poker events on a Sunday, surely this is going to be an event that is well worth getting interested in.

Imagine how you’ll feel if you grab the big poker prize?

There is going to be $100,000 given out as a top prize. Can you imagine being the player that makes the final play in the big event and claims $100,000 for poker play on a Sunday? Can you imagine how good Monday is going to feel? There are not too many people that look forward to the alarm ringing on a Monday morning but if you won $100,000 the night before, it may not be too bad. Then again, if you decided to celebrate your big Sunday poker win, you may have quite a sore head on Monday morning, so it may not all be brilliant.

Then again, it is likely that having an additional $100,000 in your account is a great hang over cure. You don’t even need to win the big prize to be a big winner; you can win a smaller prize and still have a fantastic Sunday. There is a lot to be said for the fact that these events carry a great sense of fun and excitement about them. There is a lot to be said for joining in a poker tournament and sharing a laugh with fellow players. This is definitely a big part of the event. Of course, playing for a share of a guaranteed $500,000 prize pool is definitely the biggest part of this Sunday’s poker play at Party Poker.