Certain sportsbooks strive to offer the best odds or promotions regarding specific sports in order to claim that segment of the betting market.  This post will look at some sportsbooks who go out of their way to attract NHL bettors by offering the best NHL odds and promotions.  If you like to bet on NHL hockey then these are the sportsbooks for you.

5Dimes.com consistently offers the best odds on NHL games.  That’s not to say that they always offer the best odds you will find online, but for most games they will offer the best odds for at least one of the two teams in question.  In a pick’em game the moneyline odds for each team will be -105 for an NHL game at 5Dimes, while they are generally -110 at all other online sportsbooks.  This means that 5Dimes offers reduced juice NHL games and these savings will add up over the course of the NHL season.

Sports Interaction is another great sportsbook for NHL bettors.  They don’t offer reduced juice, but they often give very good odds on underdogs.  For example, I was looking at odds today and the Blue Jackets were listed at +135 at most sites, but Sports Interaction had them at +150, which is an extra $15 on every $100 wagered.  It is rare to find Sports Interaction offering the biggest payout on a favourite, but if you enjoy betting underdogs then they are a great sportsbook for NHL bettors.  It’s important that you do not enter a Sports Interaction refer a friend code when signing up in order to receive the full bonus at Sports Interaction.  I should also note that in general underdog bets have more value, which is another reason that Sports Interaction is a great NHL sportsbook.

The last NHL sportsbook that I like to use is BetOnline.com.  They are similar to 5Dimes in that they offer reduced juice on all NHL games, but the odds are often different from 5Dimes, which means if you have an account at both you can pick and choose where to place your wagers depending on which sportsbook offers the best odds for your outcome.  BetOnline also offers good odds on the Grand Salami bet, which involves wagering on whether the total number of home teams will score more goals than the away team on a given night and vice versa.

NHL betting results in a lot of ups and downs, but if you are wagering at sportsbooks with the best NHL odds and promotions it helps a lot.  At the end of an NHL season the profit or loss recorded will have a lot to do with these factors so it is extremely important that all NHL bettors sign up at a variety of NHL sportsbooks and the three listed above are some of the best.