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Thinking of Betting On Basketball? You will want to try this site

Basketball BettingBetting on basketball is a big deal and in the United States, March is a great month to get out there and start playing the odds. It’s not only fun, but you can really win some money when you bet the right way. Of course, you don’t want to just blow your funds and it’s  Continue Reading »

Super Bowl Predictions

NFL BettingWhat a week we just had in the NFL divisional playoffs, the saying of defenses win championships was marked with an explanation mark as we have seen the league’s top offensive teams all go down. We are now left with the final 4 which include 2 defensive powerhouses in San Francisco and Baltimore, a balanced  Continue Reading »

Best Sportsbooks for Betting On the NHL

Certain sportsbooks strive to offer the best odds or promotions regarding specific sports in order to claim that segment of the betting market.  This post will look at some sportsbooks who go out of their way to attract NHL bettors by offering the best NHL odds and promotions.  If you like to bet on NHL  Continue Reading »

2011-12 NBA Championship Odds and Prediction

It looks like the NBA season will return this year around Christmas, so now that the season looks to have been saved it’s time to start thinking about betting on the NBA, specifically which team will win the NBA Championship this year.  The oddsmakers seem to think there are 5 teams with a legitimate shot  Continue Reading »

Sports Betting App Reviews Keep You Up To Date

With so many sports betting apps being launched, it is fair to say that there is plenty of choice for the mobile betting fan. Having a range of options is always likely to be a good thing for a customer but it can cause them some problems. After all, not every sports betting app is  Continue Reading »

Football Fans Need To Keep It Real

Real GamblingEven during the close season, some football fans just can’t get enough and this means they scour the internet on a daily basis looking for the latest news and gossip. In the summertime this usually means reading about Cesc Fabregas and whether he will go to Barcelona and who knows, this summer it may finally  Continue Reading »