Online Poker

When it comes to online poker (and gambling), the Netherlands has a quite strict regulation. Since October 1st, 2021, playing online poker finally became legal in the Netherlands, but the Dutch government has drawn their own set of rules to prevent gambling addictions and possible financial problems.

But what exactly are the laws and regulations for online poker in the Netherlands? And what about paying taks over made profits?

Poker in general is legally determined being a game of skill, but by the new Dutch gambling law its placed in the same category as games of chance. When you make profit, you (usually) also must pay tax. However, when playing at one of the legal online poker sites, operated by a provider that received a license from the Dutch Gambling Authority, this part will be taken care of.

Strict Regulations

The strict Dutch regulation obligates providers to check their registrations on forehand. The sign-up process includes an age check, know your customer (uploading ID, etc.) and a check in the CRUKS register. The latter is a register where problem gamblers can sign-up to exclude themselves from gambling at legal online poker sites and online casino’s, as well as land based casino’s.

Which Dutch Poker Sites Received A License?

Unfortunately, only a hand full of good online poker sites received a licence from the Gambling Authority, but it is expected that more will follow exactly 6 months later; this will be April 1st, 2022 (and that’s not a joke). Currently the only notable poker sites are bet365 and GG Poker. Huge sites like Party Poker, PokerStars and a few others didn’t receive a license because they never stopped offering their products to Dutch citizens.

Besides the two sites mentioned previously, the Dutch state Holland Casino and Lotto also received their licenses, among a total of ten other gambling providers.

Many poker players are disappointed with the allocated licenses and have to remain patient until their favourite online poker sites receive a license, hopefully in April of next year.