Party Poker USThere are some things that people in the US take very seriously. Sports is clearly one of the most important things that a US man or woman will love in their life. It is also fair to say that capitalism, commercialism and good old fashioned advertising make up a large part of everyday life for many people in the United States of America. Whether a person is looking to find what to buy next or they are involved with promoting products, there is no doubt that America has a strong and rich history of advertising. You can also add gaming and gambling to the list of things that the average American loves.

Okay, it has not been so simple or straightforward for US people to gamble in the way that they would like. However, with online gaming starting to become more of a hot topic in the US, it is easy to see that an ever increasing number of US poker players will be able to have some gaming fun from the comfort of their own home. With a realisation that sports, advertising and gaming are three common factors for many US people, it is a big news story when they are all combined together. With many companies looking to increase awareness of US poker sites, it is understandable that there is going to be an increase in the level of advertising for these companies. It is also fair to say that businesses that want to attract their sort of people will be looking to advertise in the right places and this is where sports advertising will be very important.

This is a big and bold move from Party Poker

The news that Party Poker is going to be sponsoring two major sports franchises in the US is big news, especially for people who have an interest in US poker sites. This is another huge step into the mainstream and if people weren’t aware of online poker and its increasing ease of access, they will now. The fact that the Party Poker brand is going to be readily associated with the Philadelphia 76ers, who play in the NBA and with the New Jersey Devils, who play in the NHL, is a massive boost to online poker. The online poker firm has agreed a multi-year marketing deal, which means that sports fans will become quite familiar with Party Poker and what they offer in the years to come. The launch press conference for the announcement is due to take place on Thursday at 2pm EST at the Prudential Centre. The nature of sporting rumours has seen the whispers believe that the 76ers were being lined up to move from Philly to play in New Jersey but it seems as though there is a far more logical explanation to the story than that!

Expect to see the Party Poker brand in a lot more places

The sponsorship deal is expected to include promotional campaigns around the signs of the venues as well as featuring Party Poker branding on TV spots, on social media and in a range of digital asset crossover points. If US poker players weren’t aware of Party Poker before now, they soon will be.

Party Poker has been fairly aggressive in their promotional activities since November 2013 and it is reported that they have around 50% of the New Jersey market. Signing up with the Devils is going to keep the firm in the limelight and it will add to the adverts that can be seen on TV and online. There may be more than 150,000 accounts created for Party Poker in New Jersey so far but clearly this is a company that is keen to achieve a lot more success. Party Poker could have the New Jersey market tied up before some of their rivals even get into the game.