Play Free PokerPlaying poker for free is a great way for you to practice playing poker without having to spend a small fortune, but it’s also a fun way to decide if you want to become part of an online poker room.  Think of it as a “free poker trial.”

That being said, there are some things you should know about playing poker for free.  For instance, where should you play?  Is there something you should be looking for?  How do you know if you’re getting a great poker experience?

Start by looking for a site you would pay to play on

Here’s the thing:  If you wouldn’t pay to play on a site, you shouldn’t think about playing for free on it.  You’re looking for a site that will give you a great online poker experience and that means making sure that you get game play that is the same as what you would enjoy if you chose to become a paying member.

Look for perks

It’s not just about playing for free; it’s about enjoying other benefits of an online poker site as well.  Take the educational tools that many online poker rooms offer.  These can be extremely beneficial, especially when you’re looking to sharpen or develop your skills.   So, finding a site that gives you valuable tools, such as a free odds calculator and access to some of the hottest tips out there, can really make all the difference.

Can you become a paying member at any time?

Often, online poker rooms will give you a week or so to play for free, but then they expect you to become a paying member.  You might not be ready to purchase a paid membership after only a week.  To offset the chances of this happening, you should look for and choose an online poker room that lets you play for free for as long as you like.

How often can you play for free?

Some online poker rooms only let you play the game for free occasionally.  Other sites give you a chance to enjoy daily freeroll, and that means more practice and experience with the game play, so you can decide if you really like it, or not.  In the mean time, you can browse around and get to know essentials such as what it takes to cash in on bonuses, point systems and tournaments, so when you’re ready you can join the games that win you money.

Find an honest online poker review site

You should also take the time to find an honest online poker review site to check out.  An honest one will offer details about the benefits of playing for free, as well as the perks of having a paid membership to the site that you’ve chosen.

When you choose to play poker for free, you should choose a site that will not just give you great free game play, but that will be a place that you want to pay to play in the future as well.